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Skilled Guidance For Custody Matters

Custody and visitation rights are often one of the most contested aspects of a divorce. Skilled and experienced legal guidance is necessary to both effectively and efficiently traverse this potentially divisive area of family law. The Louisville, Kentucky firm of Law Office of Nellie Draus Stallings represents the best interest of clients and their children and has done so for decades. You can trust our firm to advocate in your best interests.

Understanding The Court System

Judges consider many different factors before they come to a decision about child custody in a divorce. Factors including parental earning potential, ability to care for the child, the child’s preference, and other factors all weigh in on the final decision. Attorney Stallings knows how to build your strongest case before going in front of a judge.

Visitation Options

Even when parents do not earn majority custody of their children, that does not mean that they should not see them. Parents deserve to spend time with their children in at least some capacity.  Attorney Stallings can explain your visitation options and help you secure visitation rights with your children.

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